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Outdoor Landscape Woodworker Wagon Kits

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These scaled old fashioned woodworker wagon kits make eye catching yard and garden planters. Ornamental buckboard, express, and market cart wagons also make great store and farmer market display carts.

Large capacity will hold an ample display of produce, flowers and plants. Old fashioned replica wagons will bring back those nostalgic times while providing functional uses.

Wagon and cart kits include the plans, the metal wheels and the stub axles to build these fun ornamental displays.

You supply the wood for your specific purpose. Use treated lumber for exterior applications to even hardwoods for interior furniture or store displays. is a micro site dedicated solely to woodworking kits, plans and hardware with a large selection of wood working kits for building ornamental wagons, wagon bench seats, and other furniture for indoor or outdoor use. is a subsidiary of Cottage Craft Cottage Craft Works also has a large selection of complete readymade ornamental wagons, carts, wheelbarrow and furniture.

Cottage Craft Works is a full line country store bringing back old fashioned vintage products.


Old Fashioned Handcar Kit | Kids Ride On Toy

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Build this old fashion turn of the century kids ride on toy for your children or grandchildren.  It will be something they will always remember you by.   Likely to become a family heirloom to pass down from generation to generation.

The old time fun toys like this authentic Irish Handcar just are no longer made.  They only live on in the memories and imagination of Christmas movies and old family photo’s.

The Irish Handcar is fun to build and even more fun to watch the expressions on Christmas morning.

This turn of the century Handcar measures 34 L X 16 W X 22 High.

Handcar Kit Includes: 1-Steel Round Rear Crank Axle, 4-Wheels, 1-Steel Round Front Axle, 12-Nylon Bushings, Complete Hardware, Detailed Instructions and Full Size Patterns.

Please note allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

You can purchase the handcar kit hardware and plans on either the main main site or on the micro site.

Our micro site is dedicated to just woodworking hardware for a quick shop and run convenience.


Irish Mail  2  2007 (600 x 400)Rodebush 031 (600 x 400)

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