Sliding Barn Door Hardware

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Our sliding barn door hardware kits come in four different trolley wheel styles to fit a variety of decorator styles.

Our kits include the 2” track, (2) trolleys, mounting system, track mounted stops, anti-jump plates, screws, and a choice between an adjustable floor guide in either a floor or wall mount option or the floor mounted T-guide.

The kits do not include the doors pictured, optional door handles or additional wall or floor mount door stops. Most just use the doors without handles. The track has built in door stops additional wall or floor mount door stops are used if the doors need to stop quicker or will be subjected to the doors being shoved back hard such as rental properties or kids rooms. Select optional accessories using the drop down boxes.

You will find that Amish made products are made to last using thicker and heavier metal parts.

Barn door hardware can be used outdoors on traditional barn settings. Sliding barn doors also provide perfect security and hurricane shutters to slide over doors and windows on business’s and weekend cottages.

Sliding barn door hardware is the most ideal installation for wide heavy doors. It’s virtually impossible to hang an extra wide door on hinges without the door eventually sagging. Trolley mounted hangers distribute the door weight evenly.

Price begins with the Strap style trolley and incrementally increases as the Pulley, Horseshoe or Wagon Wheel style trolley is selected. When you select “Buy Product” it will take you directly to the Cottage Craft Works main site where you can select different sizes and trolley styles.