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sewing-machine-tredel (600 x 400)

Sewing Treadle Cabinet Hardware | Reproduction Sewing Treadle


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Reproduction cast iron sewing machine treadle can be mounted into new sewing cabinets or used on a solid base to power old treadle machines or the new Janome 712T sewing machines. These Amish reproduction treadles are being used by non Amish who enjoy sewing off grid, or just like the control of the old treadle sewing machines.

Hard to find reproduction treadle hardware for building treadle sewing cabinets. Made of cast iron just like the originals. The treadles are made to bolt between two wood legs as shown in the picture. Standard knee hole is 20″.The rod comes long enough to make a 24″ and will need to be cut off for smaller sizes. Hardware includes the foot treadle, flywheel and mounting hardware. Cottage Craft Works also carries a full line of reproduction treadle cabinets and custom made sewing cabinets that can be equipped with this treadle. ┬áVisit our main store to see all the cabinet options at

sewing-machine-tredel (600 x 400)