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Sewing Cabinet Hardware | Sewing Machine Lift Mechanism


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This is the same German made lift that is used in our Amish built sewing cabinets. New style nickle plated support allows ball bearing rollers to function without paint chipping, a problem with the original style.

Easy to operate lift allows the sewing machine to be lowered into a sewing cabinet when it’s not in use.

Quiet air lift mechanism uses no springs and is rated for machines up to 50 lbs.

Two positions at the top levels allow the machine sewing bed to come up level with the cabinet top, or be lifted up to table top height to use with add-on attachments such as embroidery heads.

Push down operation releases the lift.  Adjustable set screws lock down once the machine settings are determined.  If you plan on using the lift for an additional machine simply add a block of wood the thickness needed to adjust between machines without having to readjust settings each time.

The pictures of the lift installed in the cabinets show an additional hook catch that held the lever over in the locked position.  This catch is no longer used on the newer lifts.

Maximum sewing machine height will be 19-1/4” at the table top position. This will be the determining factor in the mounting and blocking placement in the construction of your cabinet. Remember to add the sewing machine base plate to the top of the lift when determining the mounting position. Most will use a ¾” thick plate the size of the machine base.

The lift will travel up to a maximum of 14-3/4”.

Minimum size clearance hole at the top will be 12-1/2” W x 11-1/16” deep.  Our Amish built cabinets have a hole cut around 1-1/2”- 2” larger than the machine base.  A top notch is routed around the edge to flush a ¼” Plexiglas template that is cut inside to fit over the machine base at the flat bed position.

This template provides the opportunity to upgrade or use different machines and templates in the same cabinet without ever having to enlarge the hole.

Attaches with six #8 wood screws for installation. (Not Included)

Cottage Craft Works has become a leader in custom made sewing cabinets.  Amish handcrafted cabinets are still made just like the old fashion quality built furniture use to be made.  No particle board or press fiber board is used in these cabinets. To see all of our sewing cabinet selection visit our main site at www.cottagecraftworks.com

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