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Set of rail cleat fasteners to assemble head and foot boards on all sizes of beds and bunk beds. These Amish manufactured bed rail fasteners are widely used in making high end Amish bedroom furniture. Metal bed rail fasteners are used to assemble and quickly disassemble bed frames.

Fasteners are sold as a set.  They measure 4-1/2” long X 1-1/8” wide. The receiver (female) end is made to mortise recess ½” into the head and foot boards.  Use either a router jig, or drill using a 1-1/8” Forstner bit at each end and then a wood chisel to remove the material in between.

The cleat side (male) end is designed to surface mount on the inside of the rails. Two pegs on the cleat side will need to be drilled into the rail to keep it aligned and to add additional strength in addition to the two screws.

The Cleat side mates into the receiver and then pushes down to lock into place. From the outside the rail will snug up to the head and foot board and look like a well made wood joint.

Aluminum casted with counter sunk screw holes. Free replacement if they break under normal use.

These fasteners can also be used for other many other applications, such as hanging heavy duty racks and shelving on to walls. The receiver end is just the right thickness to recess into ½” sheet rock and stud mount. The cleat sides can be mounted inside  shelf and rack units.

These fasteners can also be used on panels and box units used in traveling displays to quickly assemble and reassemble.

Sold in sets of four for a head and foot board, two right and two left (screws are not included)

Purchase two sets to make bunk beds and get $4 off the second set.

Quantity discounts are available, just drop us an e-mail for a quote.

Please Note: At CCW safety is always a top concern!  If these are to be used on a bunk bed then they will likely be subjected to rowdy boys and girls who like to tease their upstairs partner by pushing up against the bottom of the top bunk with their feet. In doing so they could push the rail out of the locked Position and have the top bunk tumble down on top of the them. As a safety precaution we always recommend a safety chain, an “L” bracket or pocket hole screw on the inside corners of the top bunk rails to prevent them from being pushed up in this manner.

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