Old Fashioned Buckboard Wagon Seat Kits

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Find fun and easy to build buckboard wagon and working wagon seat plans and kits. Plans and hardware to build buckboard and authentic working wagon seats. Use these seats as a bench or to restore-build an old fashioned wagon.

Wagon seats are undoubtedly one of the most recognizable and popular country décor items around.  Dating back to the early 1800s the wagon seat was a basic necessity for all those who used wagons as their main mode of transportation.

Today authentic working wagon seats are still being built to use in wagon restorations or to build new working wagons.  Those seats incorporated a back rest, arm rest and were normally equipped with leaf springs to soften the ride.  Most of these old wagons utilized side boards to form a box and are often referred to as “Box Wagons”.  On the base of the leaf springs runners were attached with metal cleat hooks fit over the top of the wagon box sides.

When the automobile began to take hold and the box wagons were discarded many of the wagon seats were equipped with stationary bases to use as indoor and outdoor seat benches.

The working wagon seats were built for function and utilized simple straight lines.   As people transitioned into the late 1800s and early 1900s the wagon evolved into more people haulers.  Social classes began to dictate fancier wagons that could be used for both farm and ranch uses or as family haulers for weekly trips to town for supplies, entertainment and worship.

The buckboard wagon developed as an early utility vehicle equipped with second and third row seats that could be removed during the week to haul farm and ranch supplies.

The buckboard wagon seat developed into fancier designs as well with arched backs, and upholstered seats.

When the automobile began to take hold and wagons began to be discarded many of the wagon seats were equipped with stationary bases to use as indoor and outdoor seat benches.

Cottage Craft Works a company who specializes in old fashioned reproduction products has been offering the metal hardware and plans to build both the authentic working wagon seat and the ornamental buckboard seat for over a decade.  Woodworking-Kits.com is a micro site just dedicated to the many woodworker kits developed over the year to also purchase these popular woodworking wagon bench kits.

You can purchase these wagon seat hardware kits and plans on either the main www.cottagecraftworks.com main site or on the www.woodworking-kits.com micro site.


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